Bark Busters Dog Training Career - Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Training Business Model

Do I have employees in this business?

You may hire employees to assist in non-dog training functions of the business, such as marketing, bookkeeping or answering the phones. However, only the owner(s) of the business are allowed to undergo training and provide services to customers.

Can I have a partner?

Absolutely. We have many partnerships of Bark Busters thoughout the world. Each partnership is a little different, so we can discuss this option further with you.

Can I operate the business part time?

No, this business is meant to be your primary source of income and as such requires your full-time commitment.

Is Bark Busters a home-based business?

Yes, you will operate from your home office to minimise operating costs. While your office may be based in your home, you will spend a majority of your time within your territory, providing service, building relationships, distributing marketing materials, and much more.


Industry Overview

What trends exist in the pet service industry?

Latest figures for 2011 show that the UK spent in excess of £14.9 billion on their pets, a spending trend that has increased each year. 23% of housholds own at least one dog which equates to over 8 million companion dogs in over 6 million households. The UK's love affair with their animals is alive and well! As the largest dog training business in the world, Bark Busters is uniquely positioned as an industry leader in the field of dog behaviour and training services.

Why is Bark Busters training different from other dog training?

Bark Busters offers a unique Life of the dog Written Service Guarantee on all training, providing customers with unsurpassed value for their money. Additionally our methods are effective in far less time than many traditional trainers, usually yielding results in a matter of hours, rather than weeks or months. Finally, we work with customers in the convenience of their own home, making it easy for customers to meet with us.



I’ve never owned a business before. Will Bark Busters teach me about running a business?

Yes, a section of the training is dedicated to this topic, as being a successful trainer involves being a successful business operator too.

How long does it take to become a trained Bark Buster?

From the day you decide to become a Bark Buster, we will help you to prepare for training and the opening of your business. The training is residential and conducted one to one by our Head of Training. On completing training, you will be fully prepared to launch your business immediately. We will work to publicise your business and drive customers to you from your very first day of operations.



What support does Bark Busters provide to franchisees ongoing?

Bark Busters Home Dog Training Head Office is committed to the ongoing support of your business. Below are just a few of the initiatives in place to help you succeed. We will provide you with further information on each of these programmes.

  • Marketing conference calls
  • Help with press releases
  • Library of best practices and innovative ideas
  • Annual advanced training and professional development
  • On call Head Office Support
  • Mentoring programmes
  • Brainstorming groups
  • Discussion boards
  • Newsletters
  • Annual conferences
  • Worldwide forums



What are the financial requirements to become a Bark Buster?

Our franchise fees start from only £18,000.00 + VAT depending on the territory size (includes licence territory fee and training). We offer large protected territories and comprehensive training on all of our renowned Bark Busters Home Dog Training techniques and business processes as well as on-going marketing and training support.

Does Bark Busters offer financing?

Bark Busters UK has recently launched an option to purchase the business under a self financing model, after an initial down payment. In addition we do work with several financial institutes to provide you many options for financing your investment. (contact us for more details)



Where will I operate my Bark Busters business?

Bark Busters is a home-based business, so you will not need a physical location for your business. You will receive rights to an exclusive territory to ensure you are never competing with any other Bark Buster. This territory is defined through the course of our research, based on the demographic composition of the region.

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