Bark Busters UK Franchisee Testimonials

Linda Dodsworth Dog Training CareerIf you are reading this page then you are thinking of changing your career to something you have a passion for, dogs, and helping them and their owners understand each other.

I have been a Bark Busters Therapist and started my dog training career about a little over six years ago now; and the time has flown. I have helped hundreds of families and their dogs during this time.

There is nothing better than the feeling you have when you leave a household, where just a few short hours earlier was bedlam, with a misbehaved dog and to see that everything is much calmer. The dog is by now calm or even sleeping, something the owners would swear he'd never done before and you leave behind amazed owners with a big smile on their faces. You may have even saved the dog from being sent to a Rescue Centre or worse euthanized! I purchased a Bark Busters Dog Training business because I love dogs and I had been to training school with both of my wayward Boxers and they had done quite well. I thought then that this would be something I would like to do so I approached Bark Busters.

Everyone is friendly and very welcoming and I thoroughly enjoyed my training. All the other therapists were very happy to welcome me into the 'family' and their help and support has been outstanding. We are not in competition with each other unlike large corporate businesses, if you need any help no matter what that might be there is always someone there for you, particularly at Head Office. We meet up on regularly to catch up and exchange stories and have conferences a couple of times a year to update training and discuss business. We show at large events like Crufts and Discover Dogs where we take turns in manning the Bark Busters stand.

You have the benefit of being self employed but also being part of an International company with all the help and benefits that it entails and still leaving you time to pursue your hobbies, mine is crafting! I have even travelled to Australia along with other therapists when Bark Busters celebrated their 20th birthday. Meeting up with therapists from all over the world was truly amazing.

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us.

Linda Dodsworth
Bark Busters (Hull and York)